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Why NuBrix?

“Having fun keeps the mind free.”
Bill Rider, Safe Warrior Outreach, American Combat Veterans of War (ACVOW)

We are learning more about identifying many conditions where the brain's amygdala, that part of the brain structure that is linked to both fear and pleasure responses, can hijack our thinking processes in stressful scenarios.

NuBrix simply enables connectivity. Players focus on simple tasks, and the game guides the brain into slowing stress hormones down. That provides an opening for us to regain the reins of our ability to think logically again.

Restorative by nature, therapists, counselors, family members and friends use NuBrix as an assessment tool. The group dynamics is a win-win for those who want to help, and for those individuals who want to be a positive part of the group.

NuBrix is transformational because just interacting with others brings about a relatedness to all. Everyone can relax. No game is ever the same. Playing solo is entertaining. Individual or group playcan reach higher levels in building strategies, and as a result look forward to a quality level of engagement each time.

Click here to learn about how NuBrix Games helps specific disorders and mental challenges.

The Nubrix Effect

"The transformation is the ultimate pivotal moment. It can be pretty powerful sometimes. The idea is to get the players engaged and focused. That helps soothe the fears of that individual that there's something extremely and irreparably wrong. Once that burden is relieved, the players are on equal ground.

This enables a loved one to really enjoy playing NuBrix as a team. It can inspire playing solo for fun, and to practice for upcoming games with peer-to-peer players, family, and friends. It works both ways, because counselors can assess while friends, peer leaders, and families can know that instead of feeling helpless they are empowered to help the key player."

- Ron Bittner, Founder NuBrix Games