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Our Mission

To Increase Awareness About Engagement Play for Neuro Disorders 
NuBrix Games Builds Memories and Enhances the Lives of All Who Play!

"It is fascinating and would have great potential use in treatment of brain injury, particularly with hemisphere Visio spatial disorders and with regards to frontal lobe functions."
- Hekie Kessler - Heiberg, NA-CCC - Speech - language pathologist specializing in cognitive retraining.

"We have had a great time. This group of kids has been hard to keep focused, but your game has kept them on task from the beginning. This is a great game for kids."
- Joe Sorenson - Site Supervisor, Boys and Girls Clubs

"My fifth grade class had a lot of fun playing this game. I can see how it can measure the different skill levels each student has. Let's do this game time again soon."
- Lori Wilcox - 5th Grade Teacher, Highlands Elementary School 

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