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2017 San Diego Brain Injury Foundation Walk was a Win Win for everyone who came.

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We always look forward to the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation walk at Mission Bay. This year 2017 was titled surviveHEADSTRONG - Walk for Recovery and was a bumper crowd.  Many attendees said it was the largest brain injury community gathering they could remember in years past. 

As the families and friends gathered to form up their teams to walk it was exciting to see all the diverse costumes and matching T-shirts forming the ranks to walk the course around Mission Bay. Sponsors and exhibitors lined the area to support, encourage and cheer on the participants. It was an fun and exciting day.

"Hi everyone", yelled one of the hundreds marching toward the finish line.

This event is an annual fund raising experience for the Brain Injury community here in San Diego. It impacts thousands of patients and their families through the whole of San Diego county. If you would donate please contact the  team. Also, read through their website for incredible facts and information they make available.

Check out their next event - SDBIF 32nd Annual Golf Classic.  

We are proud to support the SDBIF efforts and all the families - both survivors and care givers. Look us up at . 

See you next year 2018 in San Diego walking with the survivors.


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